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Monday, October 7, 2013

Sarah Elizabeth Bates Lamanac and her 1st born son, Franklin Lee

Sarah Elizabeth Bates Lamanac is the daughter of J.B. and Lois Sims Bates. She lived with her husband, Hugh Lee, in the little red asbestos covered rental home belonging to Grady Daniel on Sandy Plains Road in 1952. Grady owned the general store in the background. The store had an apartment upstairs and the Daniels living quarters were built on to the store. You can barely see the top of the Rock Store across Highway 92.  The two stores were side by side just across the road from one another. The Rock Store was owned by Tommy Garrett.  It was ran at that time by his daughter and son in law Edith and Gene Erwin. The Garrett family owned about 9 rental houses that the Bates family and their friends occupied at one time or another. The homes were within a mile of each another and within walking distance to the store.

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