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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cheek Family as Pertaining to James Shockley Bates Line

I’m not sure if this is of value to any of you, but I came across it in my research and knew that some of you were interested in the Cheek lineage as it pertains to the Bates. Notice how the spelling of the last name varies throughout the entries. No wonder the censuses have such inconsistencies!

Shown here is a page from a family Bible where the Cheeks and the Bates are mentioned together. The text had been copied to a sheet of three-ring notebook paper, which is how we found it on

Since the photo of the old document is hard to read, we transcribed it as best as we could. We cross-referenced these names and dates with the Bates we know we are related to, and other than having a few names in common with his children, we could not find a connection to our Charlton Bates (m. Nancy Kelly).

William Cheek was borned September 29, 1752
William C. Cheek was borned January 20, 1815
William Cheek Jr. was borned September 27, 1785
Willie Cheek was borned January 3, 1800
Barbara Crider was borned July 1, 1820
Sally A Baite was born February 7, 1829
William E. F Baits was born October 17, (1853 or 1833?)
John C. Baits was born July 31, 1836
James C Bate was born February 28, 18?? (tore off)
Lydia Bate May 7, 18??
Elizabeth Coker died February 1836
Linda? Gordon died July 2, 1844
Lydia Bate died June 15, 1841
Barbra Cheek died February 28, 1853
M__y Adeline Cheek died July 25, 1833
Charles W. Cheek died October 27, 1857?

Additional interpretation of this list of names was provided by Jessie Cheek.

The following is information from these three Cheek Bible pages. The order is changed around so that you can see the relationships between people.


James Alexander Cheek born 2/12/1850. His siblings are:
  • Lydea Parmeady Cheek born 9/20/1847
  • Syntha Samantha Cheek born 8/26/1852
  • Christopher Columbus Cheek born 9/26/1857
  • Charles Edward Cheek born 12/13/1854; died 7/19/1857
Charles Wootson Cheek born 1/21/1826, died 10/27/1857 married Sara A. Baits on 4/3/1845
 (full brother of Charles W. Cheek:)

Major Lewis Cheek was born 6/26/1822 (changed his name to L.M. Cheek)
    married Barbara Crider 1/31/1839 (she was born 7/1/1820 and died 2/28/1853)
    married Polly Coker 6/12/1856

W.J.L. Cheek born 1864  ???  (still haven't figured out who this one is)

Father of Charles Wootson Cheek:  William Cheek born 9/29/1752
married Sintheari Coker on 9/13/1821  (this was his third wife)

other  (1/2) relatives of Charles and Lewis M. Cheek:

John Cheek born 4/24/1785  (John Vines Cheek, son of William Cheek b. 1752)
    Burgess Cheek born 11/1794
    married Miley Adeline Cheek on 11/19/1818
    she was born 2/25/1795?, died 7/25/1833

William C.Cheek born 1/20/1813  (William Chesley Cheek, son of  Ellis Cheek)

William Cheek Jr. born 9/27, 1785 (son of William Cheek b. 1752)
William Cheek died 4/16/1845 (the William Cheek born 1752)

Willis Cheek born 1/3/1800 (son of William Cheek born 1752)

Bates Family Names

Samuel E. Baits born 11/22/1831 (brother of Sarah A. Bates)
James Bates born 6/15/1810 (father of Sarah A. Bates, also husband of Priscilla Cheek)
J.C. Bates born 11/24/1846 (brother of Sarah A. Bates)
Sally Bates born 2/7/1829 (Sarah Coker Bates, wife of William E. Bates.)
Sally Bates died 8/7/1863 (was this Sarah Coker Bates, w/o William E. Bates?, some think this was Sarah Bates Cheek)
Sary Bates died 11/17/1857)  should this be 11/17/1859??, was this d/o Samuel A. Bates?
Perryman G. Bates born 8/17/184 6? (1/2 brother of Sarah A. Bates)
William E.F. Baits born 10/17/1833 (brother of Sarah A. Bates)
John C. Bates born 7/31/1836  (brother of Sarah A. Bates)
James C Baites born 2/28/183? (brother of Sarah A. Bates)
Lydia Bates 5/7/18??, died 6/15/1841  (was this wife of James S. Bate??)

Samuel A. Bates married Nicy Elender Coker on 3/20/1856 (brother of Sarah Bates)
S.A. Bates married N.E. Coker 3/20/1856   (same as above)

Coker Family Names
  • Dicy A Coker born 4/8/1834  (sister of Sarah Coker, w/o William E. Bates and Polly Coker w/o L.M. Cheek)
  • Polly Coker married Lewis M.Cheek 6/12/1856
  • Elizabeth Coker died 2/1836 (don't know which Elizabeth Coker this is, possibly w/o Jacob Coker?)

Other Family Names somehow related?

Linda Jordan died 7/2/1844
Samuel B. Jordan born 6//7/1824
(we haven't figured out who the Jordan's are??)

James M Floyd born 2/13/1867
Sally Floyd born 6/30/1869
Caldona Floyd born 10/20/1871
(these were children of James Alexander Cheek's sister, Lydda who married a Floyd)

William L Page and Georgia Hix married 12/10/1879 (don't know who this was)
Ellah J. Page born 2/19/1881 (probably son of William and Georgia)

James M. Lackey and Dicy Coker married 2/14/1854  (Dicy, sister of Sarah and Polly)
James M. Lackey born 5/27/1836
James W W Lackey born 4/18, 1855
John Lewis Lackey born 7/17/1887
Watson Lackey born 8/12/1862

Below are more photos sent to Yvonne Perry from Jessie Cheek that are from Jessie's cousins Roland Cheek and Ronnie Cheek. Roland descends from James Alexander Cheek's son, Hill Solomon Cheek and Ronnie descends from James Alexander Cheek's son, Charles Edward Cheek. We don't know for sure whose Bible these were taken from, but we suspect it may have belonged to Sarah Adeline Bates Cheek, wife of Charles Woodson Cheek. Sarah Adeline Bates was the oldest daughter of James Shockley Bates.

Can you help us fill in the missing info on this topic? Please leave a comment below this post or send us an email with any material you would like us to publish pertaining to the Bates family.

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