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Monday, August 26, 2013

Roany (Roena) Bates and Elisha Smallwood

Roany Bates was the daughter of Charlton and Nancy Bates. Her name on the 1880 census was Roena but she was also known as Roany or Gennie Bates (September 27 1845—February 16, 1900). Roany is listed as living with her parents, Charlton and Nancy Bates, in the Mount Yonah District of White County, GA in the 1860 census. Her family lived next to Elisha Smallwood’s family. Roany married Elisha “Bud” Smallwood, Jr. (January 22, 1843–May 8, 1914), who was the brother of her sister Martha’s husband, William (b. 1844). Elisha’s father was Elisha Smallwood, Sr., who was born in 1826 in Habersham County and died prior to 1900, and Mary Clark, who was born around 1825 and died between 1855 and 1860. 

Nancy Smallwood and her husband Mark Czar Whitlock

In the 1880 census, Roany and Elisha Smallwood enrolled the following children:  • George Washington Smallwood (May 15, 1866–April 27, 1927) • William Alexander Smallwood nicknamed Uncle Aleck (June 28, 1870–August 17, 1923) married Charity Olivia Walden, known as Aunt Arleevy. • Nancy Jane Smallwood (1873-1948)

George Washington Smallwood and his wife Sarah Elizabeth Walden
 Featured in the photos here are George Washington Smallwood and his wife Sarah Elizabeth Walden (Nov. 1, 1862–June 16, 1921). Nancy Jane Smallwood and her husband Mack Cazer Whitlock (1881-1951).

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