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Monday, August 12, 2013

Help from the Ancestors in Spirit

My cousin Jenny and I have been working on our Bates family ancestry for nearly a year now. What a huge undertaking this has been. Hours and hours of research, interviewing family members, visiting graveyards, collecting photos, writing text, and editing and formatting. we are still not done!

I believe that everything we do is supported by beings of love and light. Many times those beings are our "deceased" loved ones who are on the other side of this veil of reality. And, on this genealogy project our ancestors (angels, as Jenny calls them) have been a tremendous blessing. There were times when we searched and searched for a person, unable to find them or any evidence to prove of our hunches. Jenny and I would call upon our loved ones for answers, and they have come through time and time again. We are still missing the parents of two key members of our lineage, but I do believe that in due time their story will come forth.

So, I'm wondering if anyone reading this has had an experience where you asked for help from your ancestors and they showed up with answers. Please leave a comment and share your story.

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